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Ampparito [2020] [TS-Screener] [ESP]

solo show by Ampparito

07.11.20 - 02.12.20



Screener - Term used to refer to movies recorded from inside cinemas with a poor quality camera resulting in poor image and equally poor audio.


Many of you will remember those movies recorded from the cinema in which people were seen getting up and talking, with erratic framing and inaudible audio during conversations and thunderous in action scenes. This paltry quality was the price to pay to see a premiere that was still in movie theaters.

In the same way that words limit us when attempting to explain an idea, the act of sharing something implies having to modify it in order to be transmitted. For example, in social networks, WhatsApp and Instagram, compress the quality of the files so that they can be sent more quickly.

This exhibition takes this paradox as its backbone. Located in a time where covid has reduced human presence to historical lows, what is shared by digital media gains importance. This reality of reduced quality is a new place where we live and make decisions based on this. This exhibition is situated in a world where a photo of something is viewed more than the object or location itself. This show is designed to be viewed differently depending on the setting in which it is viewed in: an analog medium, the exhibition room, or in a digital medium, the phone screen.

These pieces exploit quality reduction as a result of digital sharing. He exaggerates the transition from 3D to 2D and the copy of the copy does not work as such but shows a new work that only exists in the limbo of the digital. The limitation of 6 people in one place, restricts mobility. This exhibition is a fertile ground for the viewer to activate the other exhibition with their mobile phone, the one that can be seen by anyone who cannot physically attend. In conclusion, the one that will endure and become reality.



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Ampparito  (Madrid, 1991) focuses his work on attacking normality by altering everything that we take for granted. The artist uses the destruction of efficiency and functionality as the engine to build a poetic vision of the day to day. His interventions create new situations in which the viewer's response is a key part of the piece.

Among others, it is worth highlighting his public work for the Street Art Museum (Saint Petersburg), Architecture Triennial (Oslo), Jumeirah Art Project (Dubai) and installations for Colab Gallery (Basel), Nuart Festival (Stavanger) or B. Murals (Barcelona ).   

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