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solo show by Cristina Daura

22.1221 - 21.01.22


Horse, Rabbit, Ghost and Satan unites a series of silkscreen prints edited exclusively for this exhibition. This exhibition consists of eleven unpublished Screenprints handmade by the Madrid silkscreen workshop Lacalor, in a signed and numbered limited edition, in various formats. 

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"I once read that a common way to talk about emotions or personal problems is through the use of animals or fantastic creatures. By using these beings we allow ourselves to speak freely and without complexes. This text practically defines the series of works of what is for me my first personal exhibition. With "Horse, Rabbit, Ghost, and Satan", I have tried to make myself an autoradiography, to see how each element I have decided to create works in order to explain and draw it. My horse gallops, my rabbit licks, my ghost dances and my satan sets fire.

Text by Cristina Daura





Cristina Daura (Barcelona, 1988) studied Illustration at La Escola Massana in Barcelona and is currently one of the most talented Illustrators in the world.

Her clients include The New York Times, El País, The New Yorker, Die Zenit, Süddeutsche Magazine, The Wire, Penguin Books, Blackie Books or Grupo Planeta, as well as various music clubs, bands and singers from all over the world. Her art is been exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Paris, London and Hamburg, to name a few places. 

Her works are often related to a children's aesthetic, closely connected to the world of comics, given the narrative-style of her creations.

However, Cristina Daura's artistic proposal, polished with years of experience, and also thanks to her way of proceeding when she composes, is the result of an exhaustive documentation process from which emanate ideas full of complexity, symbolism, emotion and references taken from the contemporary culture that conforms her artistic DNA. 




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