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solo show by Bahati Simoens


06.23.21 - 07.22.21


We present the first solo exhibition of international artist Bahati Simoens. Born in 1992 in Munanira (Burundi) and of Belgian and Congolese descent, she comes from Ghent (Belgium), where she lives, to present her first personal project in our gallery.

With a marked personal language, the figurative painting of Bahati Simoens is constructed from natural landscapes featuring colossal and sinuous human figures, standing as monuments that ennoble shared emotions and feelings.




Self-taught artist born in Munanira (Burundi) in 1992, of Belgian and Congolese descent. She currently lives in Ghent (Belgium). Bahati Simoens describes her work as "a love letter to the black body."

Her vibrant figurative paintings, strongly inspired by her African heritage, are constructed through bright colors, which combined with the black bodies that his works celebrate, inhabit a world devoid of the white gaze. Softness and warmth define her work, inspired by childhood memories and current events.

bahati portrait.jpeg

Letter to the white swan

I've been daydreaming of charcoals swans. Stuck in a daze,

Floating on the tears of my Mother.

Daydreaming because reality frightens me.

Where do I go?

Every first turns into a memory.

And my memories are filled by shadows

I'm feeling anxious, walking backwards.

One finds peace

Knowing there are Charcoals Swans In the future.

Shining gold when sun kissed, Blue when the moon slows up.

Yet we are not the ones with so called grace and purity.

So can I sit here or will it hurt as I rest my head on your soul?

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