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solo show by Imon Boy

08.11.19 - 05.12.20


For his first solo exhibition in Madrid, Imon Boy presents a set of eight canvases and thirteen drawings. Scenes with space decorations where planets, martians, constellations and galaxies serve as background to different situations that speak of love and friendship, graffiti, interior worlds and various reveries worthy of analysis.

Complex narratives always halfway between the sweetness and rebellion that characterize the works of this young and talented artist.

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Imon boy lives and works in Malaga, the spanish city from where he is, although few know. Discreet and lonely, the identity of the artist is not an accidental mystery. As he says on his Instagram account, "behind Imon boy there is a person like you."

His designs dismantle the stereotyped image of the thug graffiti writer full of testosterone and convey a tender and ironic vision of what it means to paint illegally on the street, building an unexpected discourse full of fails with the police and romantic messages for his secret love. Like any child of the 90s, among his favorite references are video games, movies, internet, music and the trips he makes.

In the manner of a youtuber, the Spanish artist comments and analyzes his achievements and failures as a graffiti writer with the intelligent simplicity that characterizes him and that finds more and more followers all over the world. 

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