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Ethel Coppieters
(BE, 1996)


Ethel Coppieters was born in Brussels in 1996. She studied at the Brussels School of Graphic Research for 5 years, where she obtained her studies in Painting after spending a year at the Lisbon School of Fine Arts. 


Ethel's work portrays women whose faces and bodies evoke mixed feelings. Her characters possess a mysterious beauty, with delicate, almost apathetic faces that reveal the traces left by suffering. Inspired by the women around her, the figures that she creates are nourished by classic feminine references with highly contemporary narrative elements, such as accessories, clothes and current objects that reflect the identity of our generation.


Through these portraits of women with deconstructed body proportions, freed from the mandates of beauty we know, the artist recreates dreamlike scenes to speak about the intimate and the universal.


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