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solo exhibition by Sara Bonache


13.09.23 - 14.10.23


Sara Bonache's captivating works brazenly unveil the natural world. Erotic fluids, translucent membranes and menacing flames of sometimes fluorescent, sometimes pastel hues intertwine in compositions that defy reality and recall the infinite cycle of creation and destruction that is at the heart of our very existence. 


Emulating the essence of life itself, the soft becomes sharp and the fluffy becomes violent. Flower-like forms mutate into sunsets over the sea in a hypnotic game of continuous metamorphosis. Sara Bonache transmits an amalgam of sensations that oscillate between the familiar and the unknown, the warm and the cold, the violent and the romantic. 

An organic ballet of elements extracted from nature that ooze bright liquids and display veiny petals of ethereal transparencies, shamelessly showing their viscous and adherent structures. In her creations, exuberant paths and rivers open their way. Day and night environments contextualize natural events in a perpetual cycle, uncovering elements that defy comprehension and seem to allude to deep secrets that weave a connection with universal creation. 


Sara Bonache celebrates nature as a mechanism of perpetual rebirth. However, there are also moments when the natural environment becomes threatening, the flames and flashes get out of control and the flowers become intimidating. Activity is frenetic and intense, movement is perpetual.

Rooted in beauty, Bonache's work attracts with its almost morbid aesthetics and unabashedly exhibits the ecstasy of the visual. As if celebrating rituals in a cosmic dance of connections and deep meanings, the organic elements reflect processes that repeat themselves in an incessant echo. 


The beautiful and the perverse, the alluring and the disconcerting, all coexist in those endless processes of birth, life and fading that ensure our perpetuity. Whether imagined or drawn from reality, Sara Bonache's works invite the viewer to explore the depths of our being and to delve into our own existence.


Sara Bonache (b. 1991) lives and works in Barcelona, she completed her BA in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona in 2014.


She has recently exhibited her works at Bombon Projects, Barcelona, in a solo project as a part of the Art Nou Festival 2022. A selection of group shows include: Narratives in Blossoming Vigor, SENS Gallery, Hong Kong; Life in Colour, The Room, London 2022; Needful things, Rodzlo Gallery, Berlin 2022; Amsterdam 2022; Preludios de mi lira, CAC La Sala, Vilanova i la Geltrú 2022; The best design of the year, Design Museum, Barcelona 2021; III International Nasevo Prize, Senda Gallery, Barcelona 2021; Hotel x Hotel Kippenberger Tribute, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Malaga 2017 and University Selection 2014, Tsukuba University, Japan 2015, among others.


She has participated in the Art and Breakfast fair (Malaga, 2017) and Arts Libris fair (Barcelona, 2021). She was nominated for the Arts FAD Prize 2021 and she was a finalist in the XVI Francesc Gimeno Painting Prize 2021. She has also recently been nominated for the Fundació Vila Casas Painting Prize 2022 and for the Prix International de Peinture Novembre à Vitry.

IMG_1176 bd.jpg

Inner Landscape 2023

Oil on linen

180 x 140 cm

Protection, 2023

Oil on linen

81 x 65 cm

IMG_1049 bd.jpg

Torch, 2023

Oil on linen

81 x 65 cm

IMG_8874 bd.jpg

Unveil 2023

Pastel on paper

61 x 46 cm

Deep Fall, 2023

Pastel on paper

61 x 46 cm


Desire, 2023

Pastel on paper

61 x 46 cm

IMG_1138 bd.jpg
IMG_1131 bd.jpg
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