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solo show by Zesar Bahamonte

12.04.19 - 25.05.19


The party is a show linked to life itself. An act of freedom with respect to the very system that welcomes it. A popular expression traditionally linked to theater, folklore, and music. In the streets.

This "party" is a project, the result of which responds to a will and a need of its own for revision. A mapping that Zësar Bahamonte (Dos Hermanas, Seville, 1986) has carried out to shed light on what he is as an artist and as an individual.

A zenith and revealing exercise in which people, authors, events and places have been rescued. The energy with which he has been developing his artistic work.

"End of the party" has been organized based on two extraordinary meetings - the first in Seville and the second in Madrid - for which not everyone has been invited. The chosen spaces symbolize two different settings from the artist's own history: the Radiópolis tower, a particular and emblematic space next to the Guadalquivir; and La Causa, a project dedicated to emerging artists in the heart of the Malasaña neighborhood.

Text by Jordi Pallarès

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Born in the outskirts of Sevilla, Spain. Aged 19, he settles in the capital where not only does he study in the School of Arts of Sevilla, he also starts relating to DIY social and cultural movements, a mode which defines him as an artist later on.

After a year in Barcelona, place where he re-engages with his love for painting in the streets, he moves and settles in Montevideo, Uruguay.

There, he develops as a professional muralist, taking part in several Street art festivals, exhibiting in galleries and painting live with an array of musicians ( from a peña flamenca to an electronic music band) and, above all, painting in the streets where he continues his quest for style and technique.

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