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solo show by Misterpiro

17.11.17 - 13.01.18


The Roman poet Horacio, known for penning the phrase Carpe Diem, graces through the pages of Art History with a more conceptual adage: Ut pictura poesis, “as is painting, so is poetry.” In this Latin statement, the poet suggests that an action or idea can be narrated equally through written words or painted images.

Misterpiro incorporates Ut pictura poesis into the heart of his creative process, masterfully reflecting metaphors through his paintings. The artist superimposes, diffuses, and intermixes clouds of colors until he has constructed a story that stands on its own, speaking without words. On the occasion of this exhibition, Misterpiro is sharing stories based on a collection of photographs (both mental and physical) that he has taken while traveling during the past two years. Sunsets from across the planet have filled his eyes, fueled his imagination, and embedded his work. 

Specific in his technique, the Plancentino artist pulls paint across a surface - from classic canvases to couches and to ceilings - that dilutes the water and combines it with spray paint to incarnate skies, clouds, glances, and landscapes in a new dimension. In observing Piro’s work, we gain access to the poetic universe of the mind, colorful and as volatile as the passage of time.

Text by Manuela Medina

IMG_8854 bd.jpg


MISTERPIRO, visual and urban artist born in Madrid in 1994. Graduated in Design from the Complutense University of Madrid, the city where he lives in, although his work and works lead him to travel around the world. His origins were in the street, with graffiti, and later he continued with watercolor, acrylic and water techniques in his studio.

Today, he has managed to combine these two contrary techniques in a unique style, full of expression and color, ranging from the warmest red to the most electric turquoise. With his distinctive delicacy he brings watercolor to the street, which represents a new medium for Misterpiro, that has little to do with the works on paper or canvas of his studio works.


His technique is based on improvisation, where the aggressiveness of the spray and the fineness of the watercolor intermingle on all types of supports. The fluidity of the water and the atmospheric volatility fill his works with expression and light, thus creating his own pictorial universe that oscillates between the figurative and the complete abstraction.  

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