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GVIIIE (Guillermo López)
(Spain, 1989)

GVIIIE was born in the Madrid neighborhood of Prosperidad and has always been drawing. He quickly abandons drawing classes but not the instruments, which he uses in an informal and self-taught way on a daily basis. He begins to paint graffiti during adolescence. After not being selected in Fine Arts, he attends middle-grade studies at the School of Art 10 and momentarily ceases all artistic activity. In 2013, he finishes his film studies at the University of the Arts in London. Upon his return to Madrid, he meets again with the walls and begins to develop his neo rupestrian style, producing walls almost daily. At the same time, he collaborates with the satirical newspaper Mongolia under the artistic name of Guille Joder, and his animated short film 'Abayomi' is shortlisted for the Goya Awards. In 2021 he graduates with the Master of Painting at the UPV in Bilbao.


His last two solo exhibitions at La Causa Galería, in September 2018 (Naturalezas Vivas) and September 2019 (Herida Internet), had an outstanding reception by the public.

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