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solo show by Matthieu Pommier

20.05.22 - 18.06.22


The stillness of the transparent sea that bathes the bottom of the hill, two people enjoying the view from one of the cliffs, the clear sky and the orange light structures the landscape with the shadows it casts. The idyllic nature of this scene catches the eye and draws the viewer to lose himself imaginatively in this rocky, maritime landscape. To look at Matth Velvet's painting is to let oneself be carried away into a sweet, introspective reflection. 


'Hors-sol' (French for 'out of the ground'), is the title the artist has chosen to highlight our exposure to overthrow, to the lack of anchorage, to the passing concerns of everyday life that take us away from the most urgent evidence: the need to return to the sustainable, to regain the illusion through the collective.


Matth Velvet is passionate about the sea and mountain rivers, as well as the artifacts that humans have invented to settle in nature - that is very much prominent in these works. Boats, ships and architectural constructions are represented with the same attention to aesthetics as the most bucolic of landscapes. In these paintings, the barrier between the visible and the invisible disappears, transforming the figurative into a dreamlike - almost metaphysical - vision of the reality that surrounds us. Going back to the artist’s statement, "in the works that make up 'Hors-sol', the figures are passing presences, the distance with which they are observed equates them to the objects and constructions that surround them. The natural, mineral and vegetal elements are exhibited infused with artificiality, due to the vigor of the chromatic composition. The floor is inspired by topographical research, which also becomes a support for new projects, a blank page. The variations of color allow me to divert the modes of technical representation so that they lean towards abstraction, towards lyricism. Painting is the means I have to exercise the existential emptiness through the scenes I build. It is the way I have to escape from disenchantment". 

Au gré de l'onde, Huile sur toile, 116 x 81 cm hd.jpg




Matth Velvet began painting walls in the early ‘00s in western France. The maritime and industrial landscapes were his first source of inspiration and permeate his early work.


His work describes human behavior through the prism of the object, architecture, or through the representation of crowds and characters. In his work, Matth Velvet combines his memories and personal experiences with a rigorous observation of his surroundings, to create a visual world that is both dreamlike and pragmatic. The narrative dimension is always present in his plastic works, leaving the audience open to interpretation.

Author of numerous murals and large-scale exhibitions in France and abroad, he now lives and works in Bordeaux.



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