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solo show by Natalia Vico

26.01.19 - 02.03.19


'La Lumière Espagnole' speaks in first person about the influence of the homeland through different scenes inspired by light and color. All the works were created in the fall of 2018 in France, taking advantage of the gray and rainy days in this region at this time of year. A good counterpoint to miss the South and its light.


The works speak of the South as an emotion or a sensation and not so much as a geographical location. They speak of slightly longer days, flowers and house smells and the sound of cicadas in the heat. When you've grown up with it, you can't help but mix a lot of colors in the palette, you can't stick with a couple of unsaturated shades.

“Today is Tuesday, and it's time to pack. I always travel on Tuesday because I like the feeling of traveling when the weekend tourists are not traveling. And I'm not going on vacation, I'm coming home. Flight Geneva - Madrid EZS1419, the same as always. I'm sitting by the window, trying to guess where we're going. Like when we took the car, and Dad would drive from Madrid to Asturias.

It must have been the 90-something year and although we had made that trip many times, I liked to follow each stage of the way. We must have traveled a little over an hour and a half and the commander tells us in French with a funny accent that we will soon land. And that's when I start to see my entire color palette through the window. I see the yellow and brown fields and the sky is blue, purple and red. Everything seems more true now. "

Natalia Vico

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He has always drawn, from where his memory reaches. She studied advertising and design and started working as an Art Director in some agencies in Madrid, her hometown. Over time she realized that she used to approach her advertising projects from an artistic point of view and much more freely than her peers. The need to do manual things and escape the computer screen naturally led him to enlightenment.

Currently, she lives and works in Annecy, a beautiful city in the French Alps area. She believes that there is something delicate in her paintings. She likes to portray women in context, usually set in indoor scenes, with plants and flowers. Her work always looks for color, as something natural in her, with lights and shadows, perhaps as an influence of the light from Spain, which she often misses. Sometimes her work can inspire calm and positivity, but she likes to play with melancholy and irony in some of her illustrations. She experiments with many mediums. From gouache paintings on paper to textile pieces or illustrated ceramics.

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