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Martin Kazanietz
(ARG, 1985)


Martin Kazanietz , also known as Gordopelota, was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. He studied design at the UBA and is a self-taught painter. He learned to paint on the streets but today devotes his time almost exclusively to his studio works. His work has been dedicated to portraying, through painting, the culture of amateur football.

He paints scenes, details and moments that explore the ritual, the popular, the tribal and the everyday life associated with the "B side" of the industrialized sport

His art, with strong references to naive or folk painting, consists mostly in paintings, but also appears in the form of flags, pennants, trophies, or intervened shirts. Everything serves as a great excuse to reflect on the construction and staging of identities.


He has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Barcelona, among other cities.

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