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solo show by GVIIIE

20.09.18 - 20.10.18


‘Living Natures’ is a graphic collection of some of the objects that compose the urban imaginary. Placed on an altar out of our time and arranged in the center of the millennial still life, the objects, hitherto ugly, crude and rudimentary, are transformed into slender characters who narrate a reflection on the now.


The exhibition is composed of a series of unique works printed on synthetic silk. In coherence with the transmitted message, the chosen support is framed in the current industrial reality.

The fabric constitutes one of the natural supports that has traditionally collected, whether in tapestries, canvas or handkerchiefs, the most relevant iconographies of each era. Mixing visual and digital visual languages, the artist makes available formats that evoke different artistic traditions. Going back to antiquity, the larger formats work as tapestries, whose functional and ornamental character marks the beginning of the decorated fabric. The medium and small formats, for their part, evoke objects from the most modern textile and artistic industry.

By means of the delicate aesthetics and the warm palette that characterizes the artist's work, 'Living Natures' conveys messages of high political content, harmoniously incorporating himself into his artistic career.

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GVIIIE was born in the Madrid neighborhood of Prosperidad and has been drawing since always. He quickly abandons drawing classes but not the instruments, which he uses informally and self-taught on a daily basis. Started with graffiti during adolescence. He studied at the School of Art 10 after not being selected in Fine Arts and ceases all artistic activity momentarily. In 2013, he finished his film studies at the University of the Arts in London and returned to Madrid. Then, he meets the walls again and begins to develop his neo-rupestrian style, without yet achieving a stable work discipline. At the same time, he collaborates with the satirical newspaper Mongolia under the artistic name of Guille Joder and his animated short ‘Abayomi’ is shortlisted for the Goya Awards. He combines his activity in the comic and graphic novel with sporadic works ranging from the making of videos on TVE to artistic direction in ELLE Spain.

Currently, he paints walls almost daily. His last two individual exhibitions at La Causa Galería, in September 2018 (Naturalezas Vivas) and September 2019 (Internet Wound), were very well received by the public.  

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