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Nina Bachmann, born 1990 in Munich, is an artist who lives and works in Munich, Germany.
After finishing her design studies at the University of Applied Sciences, she worked at a graphic agency until she decided to focus completely on painting. 

Nina’s works blur the contours of conventional identity while playfully mocking what she calls “the absurdities of high society.” The subjects in Nina’s works are euphoric, intoxicated, and jubilant. They are kinky and in a state of arousal. They are even genderless. But their anxious grimaces betray their insecurities and the lingering awareness that all this excess cannot last. And it is this duality that Nina aims to convey to her viewers, who, perhaps seeing themselves reflected on the canvas, are meant to receive a “tenuous pleasure” from her works. Using bright and garish colors, Nina gives her viewers a visual feast upon which to gorge as they reflect on their own place in the scenes they see before them.

Nina usually works with acrylics on canvas, but she also creates sculptures with modeling clay and shapes her figures into 3d objects. Nina is also part of the Munich brewery “Isarkindl” where she mainly designs beer labels.

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