A solo show by Misterpiro  

17.11.17 - 13.01.18


The Roman poet Horacio, known for penning the phrase Carpe Diem, graces through the pages of Art History with a more conceptual adage: Ut pictura poesis, “as is painting, so is poetry.” In this Latin statement, the poet suggests that an action or idea can be narrated equally through written word or painted image.

Misterpiro incorporates Ut pictura poesis into the heart of his creative process, masterfully reflecting metaphors through his paintings. The artist superimposes, diffuses, and intermixes clouds of colors until he has constructed a story that stands on its own, speaking without words. On the occasion of this exhibition, Misterpiro is sharing stories based on a collection of photographs (both mental and physical) that he has taken while travelling throughout the past two years. Sunsets from across the planet have filled his eyes, fueled his imagination, and embedded his work. 

Specific in his technique, the Plancentino artist pulls paint across a surface -from classic canvas to couch to ceiling- that dilutes the water and combines it with spray paint to incarnate skies, clouds, glances, and landscapes in a new dimension. In observing Piro’s work, we gain access to the poetic universe of the mind, colorful and as volatile as the passage of time.

Manuela Medina


Story goes that Misterpiro has been painting as long as he’s been thinking. At the age of 11, his hand turned to graffiti. His first exhibition took place in Plasencia. He then moved to Madrid to study Design at the Universidad Complutense, symbolically marking the end of his stage in pure graffiti. With time, the artist began to alternate between the workshop and the street, progressively integrating both worlds by enlarging formats, taking over more and more wall space, and giving form to what today represents his personal style

 Simulating watercolor by mixing acrylics with water, the Extremaduran artist builds an unmistakable artistic identity that has led him to paint walls across the globe, from Italy to India, Honduras, South Korea, The United States, and more. His technique is based on improvisation, whether on canvas, paper, or wall.

Adapting image to infinite canvas, Misterpiro’s art begins as an abstraction from which vaporous and dynamic figures gradually emerge, preserving a delicacy at once aggressive and full of life. 2017 has been a strong year for him: he was awarded winner of the second edition of the Street Art & Food Festival of the San Ildefonso Market in Madrid and has recently been selected by Forbes Spain to be on their “30 under 30” list, which names the 30 most influential young people (under the age of 30) in Spain today. Piro actively accumulates achievements and stimulates expectations. 


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