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Paul Loubet
(FR, 1987)


Paul Loubet is a French artist currently living in Valencia, Spain. First muralist and illustrator, he practices as a painter from 2012.

The works of Paul Loubet often describe vital experiences lived by the artist, extracted from his daily life, from his various travels and his childhood memories. If the visual language of the artist seems naive and childish because of the simplicity of the shapes and the awkward cleanliness with which the colors used fit into the objects represented, Loubet puts this confusion to his service to speak, under the sign of the irony and humor, about the world around us.

His catalog of references feeds generously on popular culture: video games, the 80s, tunning, poorly drawn tattoos, advertising signs, graffiti ... Finalist of the prize for contemporary art of Sciences Po in 2017, Paul Loubet receives, in November, the prize Revelation Young Talent Urban Art ADAGP / Palais de Tokyo.  

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