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solo show by Ampparito

20.04.18 - 19.05.18


"Two months ago Manuela and Pablo asked me to do an exhibition at LA CAUSA GALERÍA. Despite being quite busy, I agreed because of what it means to hold any event in your city. It was a great occasion after so long to mount a sarao here in Madrid .

I was so excited that I came up and compulsively bought tools to be able to carry out in the best way any work that occurred to me.

The weeks went by and I had no decent idea of what to do, kind of like the kid who has the best soccer kit but can't play. The nerves grew with each passing day and he had nothing. As a result of this desperation I began to break and modify tools using other tools, after several weeks I had altered so much the functionality of all the tools to the point of not being useful to modify others. Kind of like the hunger games. Dog eat dog."

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Ampparito (Madrid, 1991) focuses his work on attacking normality by altering everything that we take for granted. The artist uses the destruction of efficiency and functionality as the engine to build a poetic vision of the day to day. His interventions create new situations in which the viewer's response is a key part of the piece.

Among others, it is worth highlighting his public work for the Street Art Museum (Saint Petersburg), Architecture Triennial (Oslo), Jumeirah Art Project (Dubai) and installations for Colab Gallery (Basel), Nuart Festival (Stavanger) and many more.

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