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solo show by GVIIIE

28.01.22 - 26.02.22


"Present Perfect" is a lighthearted stroll through the current state of things - and like many walks, there is no specific objective. In this case, this is a stroll for the sake of taking a stroll.  According to its author, this exhibition is the result of his disinterest in the current artistic image. GVIIIE reflects that for some time now, the images of the cultural world have lost the capacity to amaze him. However, it is clear that the artist allows himself to be challenged by the images he produces, which are nothing but thoughts and reflections within themselves. GVIIIE explains that the this exhibition proposes an introspective journey, with no specific direction, resembling a strange trip through the Internet. 

Isn't that exactly what we expect from our contemporary creators? We assume that everything has already been invented, but what captivates us about an artist is his vision of the world and his explanation on his interests. Visual artists are documentarians of the aesthetic and we trust their selective algorithms. 

Thus, GVIIIE is interested in many things, but above all he is interested in painting, or rather, in Painting, with a capital letter. After his journey through the current state of the image, the artist explains what has made him return and continue to pursue painting. In his third exhibition in our gallery, GVIIIE offers a "tense, agile and not very meditated" selection of works. 

"I have curated my own exhibition. One image leads to another, often without apparent relation, like an eternal pictorial scroll. The summary of our interests, concerns and social mandates is mediated by the technology of the algorithm."

Each of these statements is filled with ideologies, a variety of perspectives. GVIIIE is not a silent witness. Contrarily, he is a protester who shouts what he demands and what he really cares about. And he cares about the textures created by the oils, the visual correlations, the chromatic ranges, intentional or accidental, he cares about the exact tone of a yellow shade that will accompany a part of skin. In essence, he focuses on the details. To stop and look at GVIIIE's art, is to stop and reflect on some of the great questions of contemporary painting. It is a way of escaping of painting by creating painting. GVIIIE creates its pieces by associating images that are put in relation in the exhibition space. A discourse that results from trial and error, from doubts or specific interests. A reconstruction of the world from the common. The goal is that the visitor is flooded by this energy.


The ability to be amazed by an image defines us as humans, yet many of us still feel disempowered when evaluating it or giving an opinion, but even to enjoy or consume images created by the hand of an artist. Dora García states only elites realize that art is for everyone. "Perfect Present" includes a selection of images whose power of seduction has conditioned the painter's gaze, forcing him to stop and observe what surrounds him in a different way. In the words of the artist: "As someone who has not met anyone, as a journalist of small columns, I wanted to show you a couple of things that have occurred to me in this short walk".

Manuela Medina - Director


perro crotado.jpg





GVIIIE was born in the Madrid neighborhood of Prosperidad and has always been drawing. He quickly abandons drawing classes but not the instruments, which he uses in an informal and self-taught way on a daily basis. He begins to paint graffiti during adolescence. After not being selected in Fine Arts, he attends middle-grade studies at the School of Art 10 and momentarily ceases all artistic activity.

In 2013, he finishes his film studies at the University of the Arts in London. Upon his return to Madrid, he meets again with the walls and begins to develop his neo rupestrian style, producing walls almost daily. At the same time, he collaborates with the satirical newspaper Mongolia under the artistic name of Guille Joder, and his animated short film 'Abayomi' is shortlisted for the Goya Awards. In 2021 he graduates with the Master of Painting at the UPV in Bilbao.

His last two solo exhibitions at La Causa Galería, in September 2018 (Naturalezas Vivas) and September 2019 (Herida Internet), had an outstanding reception by the public.


OPENING FRIDAY 28th OF JANUARY from 18h30 to 21h00


Calle Escorial 22, 28004 MADRID

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