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I Have a Date

solo show by Imon Boy

14.04.23 - 13.05.23



Graffiti artist by night, prince charming by day. His many varied adventures leave him exhausted but still happy. While many find these dualities fascinating, for him it's just the everyday life of a normal guy. At night he enjoys painting walls with his friends, escaping police surveillance and exploring sewage networks. During the day, he leads an ordinary life. Today he has a first date with a girl he met a few days ago. He rode his motorbike to pick her up and is now waiting for her under her house while she finishes getting ready. He is used to exciting situations, but the first date nerves and shyness are palpable. The evening passes without major incidents, and at the end of the night, she kisses him on the cheek and says goodbye with a smile. After this success, he decides to go to the studio, where he takes out the notebook where he has been collecting and drawing ideas, and paints his favorites on canvas.


In the studio is where he concentrates the most. He likes to tell the stories in several pieces. Like in a comic book, he analyzes each scene from different angles. Approaching the point of view or changing the perspective to better convey what he wants to express. He designs his color palettes according to the time of day: for the end of the afternoon and the sunset, he uses orange tones that evoke a warm and cozy atmosphere, capturing the perfect sunset atmosphere; while for the night scenes and his excursions, he uses dark tones that help him generate that sense of mystery and adventure.


There is something introspective and profound in this narrative exercise that moves and intimately connects with the viewer. We are all friends with Imon Boy, and today we have a date.


Imon Boy lives and works in Malaga, the city from which he is although few know. Discreet and lonely, the identity of the artist is a mystery that owes nothing to chance. As he says on his Instagram account, "behind Imon boy there is a person like you." His designs dismantle the stereotyped image of the insolent graffiti artist full of testosterone and convey a tender and ironic vision of what it means to paint the streets illegally, building an unexpected discourse full of fails with the police and romantic messages for his secret love. Like any child of the 90s, among his favorite references are video games, movies, Internet, music and the trips he makes around the globe.

In the manner of a youtuber, the Spanish artist comments and analyzes his achievements and failures as a graffiti writer with the intelligent simplicity that characterizes him. His work has been exhibited in galleries and exhibition spaces in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Zurich, New York, Madrid, Taiwan and London, to name a few. Currently the artist has a solo exhibition at the CAC in Malaga.

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