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solo exhibition by Dominika Kováčiková


23.02.24 - 23.03.24


For her first solo exhibition at La Causa Galería, Dominika Kováčiková proposes a journey through environments inhabited by solitary women immersed in complex narratives. As in a psychological thriller, the stories told through these women verge on catastrophe. Mobilizing a recurring symbology, Dominika stages a theatricality that allows the viewer to anticipate the impending tragedy. 


Dominika's work is imbued with a grotesque emotionality that subtly mocks the myth of the "damsel in distress". A constant threat hangs over these women, and yet the ironic use of the exaggerate sweetness either by the brightness of the colors used or the over-the-top of the facial expressions oscillates provocatively between artistic expression and kitsch. This duality is constant in Dominika's compositions. The chromatic treatment of pastel tones contrasts with the violent atmosphere of the landscapes or the moods of the protagonists of her works. By confronting concepts such as fragility and strength, affable gentleness and non-conformist insolence, helplessness and daring, the artist stages a kind of impostured femininity, far removed from the vulnerability associated with femininity. Knives and scissors can be dangerous and threatening weapons, but also tools of self-defence. By focusing on details that distort from the narrative interpretation, the artist manages to drastically transform the overall atmosphere of the work and retain the viewer in a state of constant suspense and uncertainty. 


What role do white, soft red-eyed rabbits play, escorting the girl who walks in her underwear through a lonely field threatened by an impending dark storm? Who holds the knife? Where is the enemy? Grenades, a symbol of innocence and youth, rot under the weight of experience, proudly bearing the scars of time. 


Dominika Kováčiková thus recreates a palpable tension in each of the works that reflects the complexity of the human experience: passion, insecurity, isolation, overacting, fear, grief, love, panic… Borrowing the words from the American singer Lana del Rey, I imagine Dominika singing the song and improvising with an impassive calm: "They mistook my kindness for weakness, and today I could be your savior".

Text by Manuela Medina


Dominika Kováčiková (1996) was born in Slovakia. The main themes in her work are love, adolescence, loss of innocence, and the vast troubles of fitting into the adult world, all through the lens of a woman.

The heroine from her paintings has a desire for acknowledgement and achievement within a male dominated world; so, she is prepared to fight for it, even while fragile from past traumas. Her intention is to show the viewer what it’s like to experience adolescent trauma and how to cope with it.


Through her work, the goal of the artist is to close a sensitive chapter of her life by visualizing and processing the past into her paintings. “When I paint my heroines, the thoughts that run through my mind are intimacy, innocence, loss, and lack of self-worth. They are in constant conflict with one another, protecting themselves from the disappointment of unfulfilled expectations.

The allure of danger is toxic and exhilarating, taunting them, addicting them. They want it all, attention, love, passion, and ultimately betrayal and harm, reminding them that they are nothing but human.” Kováčiková 's work has been shown in Italy, France, Slovakia and United States, among others

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