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solo exhibition by Megan Menzies

25.11.22 - 16.12.22


“Tinto" brings together a series of works that contain moments of contemplation, imagination and sensitivity in which time thickens and small details are valued and intensified. The paintings are inspired by memory, personal experience and stories that have a heavy, melancholic quality. Memories and moments are a gift for the soul for those who enjoy the small things, the "underlying magic of the everyday'', in the words of Megan Menzies. In her work, the British artist revisits the sensations and atmospheres that live trapped in her memories, evoking a complex mixture of emotions and feelings where the melancholic meets the humorous and the anxious meets the calm.


Megan's paintings communicate through the image depicted but also through the use of the material. In her work Megan explores the translucent qualities of oil paint and the techniques of layering, superimposition and glazing, often applying a wash of colour over the paintings at the end of the process to ‘tint’ her scenes. The ‘tint’ functions as a filter that warps reality in the same way that memory distorts the way we tell stories. The spaces depicted have an unreal, dreamlike, cinematic quality and the subjects, always solitary, are approached very closely; the focus placed on the blushing cheek or the ear, invading their personal space and emphasizing the shy blush of the protagonists.


"Tinto" in Spanish means red when it comes to wine and refers in English to the idea that something is "tinted". Merging material research with formal reflection, Megan's paintings strive to examine the emotional core of these moments. The artist observes moments and situations that at first glance may seem ordinary, but which, through the use of colour and perspective, manage to convey a complexity that demands the viewer to look closely and intimately at the work.







Megan Menzies is an artist born in 1995 in Essex (UK), now working in London.

After a BA in History of Art at the University of Bristol, Megan recently graduated from the MA Painting of the Royal College of Art.


In her works Megan is in a search for those sublime elements that can often be found in ordinary subjects. The spaces she depict in her work usually have an unreal, dreamlike, illusionistic or cinematic quality.

Exploring the translucent qualities of oil paint, layering techniques, superimposition and glazing has become integral to my practice, and in particular the representation of storytelling and recollection.

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