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group show with Ornella Pocetti, Jeanine Brito & La Ruman

17.03.22 - 02.04.22


WHIMS unites the work of Ornella Pocetti (Argentina, 1991), Jeanine Brito (Germany, 1993) and La Ruman (Spain, 1993).


The visual languages ​​and themes suggested in this show are specific to each artist. However, “Whims'' connects harmonious images with surrealist elements, filled with fantasy and a dreamlike nature. The surrealist aspects exhibited in all three painters' practice, convert the scenes into frames that resemble dreams, unmasking extremely lively environments despite the stillness of the figures and objects that act as protagonists.

The artworks presented in this show remind us that paintings consist of visual mechanisms created to slightly manipulate the spectator. Our aim in this exhibition is to exhibit the work of three young female artists who allow themselves to be enthralled by their personal wander and perception - artists who allow themselves to be seduced by a vision, rather than veracity.


Jeanine Brito presents mysterious scenes with exuberant and sensual meals placed in a background that recall dreamlike spaces, with checkerboard floors and curtain backgrounds that are reminiscent of David Lynch's disturbing aesthetics. Within her lush forests and green landscapes, (not far from rococo), Ornella Pocetti stages a somewhat invented female mythology. With a tempting but implicitly dangerous beauty, the heroines are female figures with varied attributes. These characteristics, between the ancient and the modern are depicted conveying security, vigor and independence, despite their vulnerable nudity. The characters depicted by La Ruman, also posses a strong and powerful attitude in the midst of religious and folkloric iconography - resulting in a visual feast filled with symbology and insinuations. 







Jeanine Brito -b. 1993, Germany- is a painter living in Toronto, Canada, where she received her B.Des in Fashion Communication from Ryerson University in 2015.


In 2014 she studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, completing a minor in independent fashion magazines. Her design education informs the use of colour and composition in her paintings, where she explores themes of memory and desire through self-portraiture and still life.


Her work is collected privately across North America and Europe, and she has been featured in publications such as Elle US, Creative Review, CBC Arts, Elle Canada, Harper’s Bazaar Italia, and S/ Magazine.  



La Ruman is a native of Bayarque, a village in the Sierra de los Filabres, in Almería.


Trained in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Aranjuez and the Accademia de Macerata in Italy, where she began to develop her style, which she describes as Costumbrismo Señorial or Iberian Epiphany.


Symbology, traditions, religion and customs, folklore and popular culture are the protagonists of her work, creating to images that intermingle these interests with his fascination for earlier times.

The figure of the woman as possessor of a dazzling and hypnotizing presence constitutes another of the great references of her work. 

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Ornella Pocetti was born in Buenos Aires in 1991. She studied Visual Arts at the Universidad Nacional de Arte in Buenos Aires, whilst also training in various workshops and programs.


In 2015 she had her first solo show at the Acéfala Gallery in Buenos Aires and in 2019 she received a grant from the renowned Artists x Artists Program. She is also part of the artistic collective "Viento Dorado" and makes children's editorial illustration.


Her works have been selected in the National Salon competition (2021), Felix Amador Salon (2018 and 2019) in the National Fund for the Arts (2018), Itaú Award (2019), Rosario Castagnino - Macro National Salon (2018) and in the X National Painting Award Central Bank (2017), receiving a mention in the last four. 

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